Institutions Profile

Location Wiltshire, United Kingdom


Established in 2006, Bishopstrow College is a leading, independent, International Study Centre, offering English language and academic pathway programmes to prepare international students, aged 7-17 years, for entry into top boarding schools in the UK.

The College operates as a traditional British boarding school, but with an innovative four-term academic year, with terms commencing in September, January, March and June. Students can enrol in September, January, March and June and are prepared as quickly as possible – in as little as one term and up to a year – until they are ready for entry into their mainstream school.

Each term, the College enrols a small number of students from up to 20 different nationalities and a wide variety of cultural backgrounds. Students are encouraged to speak English throughout the school day. All of the College’s students share a commitment to study, a strong sense of purpose, high expectations and good manners. Combined with the exceptional skills and dedication of the College’s teaching, boarding and support staff, it makes for a dynamic learning environment, where students can achieve their very best.