Institutions Profile

Location North Wales, United Kingdom


Myddelton College is an innovative co-educational boarding school for 11-18 year olds offering Cambridge iGCSEs and A Levels whilst taking the broadest approach to learning. Located in the charming town of Denbigh, North Wales, our beautiful campus and experienced staff will provide every student with an education like no other. ‘’Being a great school requires more than just providing the best possible education, or at least it requires a different view of what education is.’’ All students are exposed to a wide range of activities that encompass the whole experience of what it means to excel in the modern world.

Our curriculum will include all of the traditional subjects while placing a huge importance on the use of technology in order to offer a richer and more realistic 21st century experience for our students. Upon joining us, all students at Myddelton College will be provided with a Windows 10 touch screen device. Tablet technology has completely changed the way we interact with technology, bringing in an era of genuine personalisation. Our aim for the future is for a student to walk into Myddelton College with a single device in their bag. A ‘digital’ pen in their pocket replacing the pencil case. As Myddelton College partners with Microsoft, our lessons will use the newest and most advanced technologies to enhance the learning of each individual and equip them for the ever advancing modern world.

At Myddelton College we place a strong and deliberate emphasis on academic achievement and success. However, we are passionate about delivering ‘More than just an education’ knowing that for our students to achieve places at the top universities and to leave school as well-rounded individuals, our students need both academic excellence and a rich tapestry of experiences and skills. A Myddelton College student will be expected to develop interests in sporting, creative, aesthetic and cultural areas. Our ‘Leadership Through the Outdoors Programme’ will enable all of our students to undertake a wide range of activities designed to help them develop the leadership skills that collaboration and teamwork in the physical environment provide. Our facilities include a rock climbing wall, caving centre, playing fields, a dance studio, a music recording studio, outdoor swimming pool, equestrian centre, tennis courts, a sports hall and much more. Our surroundings include Snowdonia National Park and the beautiful Welsh coast, and our students will learn how to gain the most out of their surroundings. Our enrichment programme and amazing facilities will ensure all students have the best possible opportunities to excel.