Institutions Profile

Location Lancashire, United Kingdom


Rossall offers the very best of a traditional British boarding school. The Rossall campus feels very much like an Oxford or Cambridge college – when the school was established over 170 years ago, the intention from the outset was to create an environment where pupils would embark on a seamless journey from school to some of the best universities in the country. That remains the ambition for our pupils and they proceed to some of the most sought after colleges and universities around the world.

Rossall is designed to stimulate and challenge in equal measure – we want our students to be intellectually curious, to be able to articulate and defend their opinions, to work both collaboratively and independently. We also want our students to establish great habits that they will take forward for the rest of their lives – independent study skills, engagement with healthy pursuits, a lifelong love of learning.

International students with an excellent level of English may be accepted for direct entry onto our full British curriculum programmes in senior school, including GCSE, A Level and IB. We also offer IGCSE and a selection of English language courses (British Council accredited).