Institutions Profile

Location Somerset, United Kingdom


We are the only proper school that provides an internationally-renowned specialist music scheme recognised by the Government. We have a full choral tradition with Wells Cathedral dating back over 1,100 years.

We have a proven record in academic excellence and provide a range of opportunities: specialist mathematics, 40+ co-curricular activities, a strong creative arts programme and competitive/non-competitive sports. We acknowledge excellence with a range of scholarships.

Our accepting community encourages everyone to be what they are, ‘esto quod es,’ which, along with our emphasis on pastoral care, allows a broad variety of pupils to thrive here and become well-rounded adults. "

Tracing its roots back to 909, Wells is one of the world's oldest schools, and wears its age beautifully; there surely can't be a lovelier place of learning anywhere." Good Schools Guide, 2015 Wells has an indescribable, magical atmosphere - you truly have to See it to believe it!