How To Apply For Scholarships?

Be the next recipient!

When to Apply for Scholarships?

Scholarship applications will depend on each institution’s deadline. As long as the scholarship dates are still open, you can apply. Early application is encouraged, as some institutions have limited scholarships.

How to Apply for Scholarships?

Scholarships2u simplifies the application process so that you can easily apply at a click of the button. Follow 5 simple steps as below for the scholarship of your dreams.

Step 1

Select the school and the scholarship you’re interested in. To apply, sign up for FREE.

Step 2

Complete your profile and upload your documents. (Ie school reports, transcripts etc)

Step 3

Proceed to sit for the SBT – Scholarship Benchmark Test online. (Note: Payment required, why?)

Step 4

Test results will be automatically marked and your score sits in your profile.


Step 5

Forward your application pack (SBT score and uploaded documents) to multiple institutions/scholarship if you like. Institutions will receive and process. Successful candidates will be notified and scholarships will be awarded accordingly.