Scholarship Benchmark Test (SBT)

Payment for Testing and Applications.

Students often ask us, how to apply for these scholarships? Do they qualify? What are the chances? Is there a way they can know their status of application? When will they hear from the institution? Countless questions come to mind.

Well the good news is, every process is digitized in Scholarships2u. Meaning, you only have to apply at a click of the button. There is an ‘Application Status’ menu for you to monitor your applications on your dashboard and institutions can get in direct contact with you to make offers or finalize the scholarships – isn’t that great?

I know, I know, you have to pay a small sum of dollars (if not, we wouldn’t know if you’re serious) but then again, compare this to the traditional process as below:

– You print and compile your resume, transcripts and essays.
– Fill up countless questions in the application form, sometimes you’ll need to pay application fees as well
– Put them in envelopes and mail them out or email out individually (Oh gosh, globally?)
– You get no feedback from the institution at all
– IF they call you in for a test, you have to drive there and sit for it (Petrol might cost you even more)
– IF they call you for an interview, you’ll have to drive there again
– IF they make you can offer, you’ll have to go collect it

and ALL this for ONE institution/application. If you apply to 5, then you’ll have to do this 5 times. Ie 5 tests, and 5 interviews in separate locations.¬†ALL that, just to save $39.90 on the SBT? Hmmm talk about making the right decisions eh? By the way, once you sit for the SBT you can start making multiple applications with a click of the button!

We also have to review all applicants, create expensive tests, test the students to see if they qualify, mark the papers, check their transcripts etc which means costs and time to the institutions. They need to know that you’re serious, therefore a small test and application fee is charged to weed out ‘junk applications’ so to speak. So fair is fair – don’t you think?

At Scholarships2u we actively approach and curate scholarships for you and do the heavy lifting – so you don’t have to. Look no further than our One-Stop Gateway for scholarships. We certainly look forward to helping you get the scholarship of your dreams. Good luck and signup to start your applications today!