February 22, 2016

Late last year Scholarships2u.com announced on its scholarship platform that EPSOM College in Malaysia offered more than RM120,000 worth of scholarship for the IGCSE or A-Level programmes. In the following months; we received numerous applications and enquiries from interested applicants.

Mikael Darhim Hashim was awarded an academic scholarship by EPSOM College in Malaysia.

As one of the many applicants that sat for the scholarship assessment test organized by Scholarships2u.com; Mikael scored an extraordinary academic performance that won him the scholarship award.

Mikael‘s parents were ecstatic that their son won the scholarship awards as this is the school which they had hoped for Mikael to complete his high school years.

My Testimonial and Experience, by Mikael Darhim Hashim, A Year 7 Scholar to Epsom College.

Scholarships2u.com offered me a chance to go to Epsom, a school I had wanted to go to ever since it opened. Now, I get to make my dreams come true and have a great time as a scholar.
The scholarships are not necessarily about your intelligence and IQ; it’s about your aptitude and what you can do. When you open the online test and start, there will be either 45 or 60 questions and you don’t need to finish all of it. I found some of the tests easy, and some hard. I recommend you take the online practice tests, as they are quite similar to the actual test.
What Epsom does, which I found surprising, is that textbooks are not used much. And some classes don’t even use textbooks, whereas most schools do. And if you enter as a troublemaker, you could change and blossom into a role model only if you made the effort to do so. The students here treat people as if they are family, with much care and respect towards every student.
I wouldn’t be in this position, writing a testimonial and being in Epsom, if it weren’t for Scholarships2u.com

At Scholarships2.com, we aim to educate the importance of winning a scholarship which is not just about financial aid; but winning a scholarship will provide students the confidence of knowing that they are recognized for their academic achievement.