October 5, 2016

It is a dream come true for students that land that scholarship of their choice. It does happen to a lucky few or has luck got anything to do with it. I always believed that luck is only 1% of external influences of our daily action or plans.

The other 99% is all on us; to make thing happens. Take that vital step toward reaching your scholarship goals, get prepared for the scholarship battle field. Do not take things for granted and rely on luck.

In every scholarship application that you will encounter from now onward, you will be examined on your Aptitude Test, Language and Numerical Ability and Understanding.

How do you make sure that you scored in such scholarship tests; there is no short cut to success.

This is where Scholarships2u.com helps answers this question for you in the form of the Scholarship Benchmark Test (SBT).

Scholarships2u.com was launched late last year with the aim of providing a standard and streamlined scholarship testing report that will allow both students and institution an understanding of the potential student’s ability. It will allow the institution to immediately recognized student’s potential as a future scholars.

And for students to gain the ability to understand the format of scholarship requirements and will have more opportunities to learn from this experience for their next scholarship application. That is not all; the SBT test result is valid for one year and therefore, student may continue to apply to other institutions on the website.

The SBT test measures reading and language, and numerical skills that you need for college and a career. After the test, you’ll receive feedback on how ready you are to start applying for scholarship.

Scholarships2u.com not only offers the scholarship test portal; we will match the students with institution of listed on the online platform. Students taking the exam have increased access to nearly RM12 million leading scholarships on the platform.

Go Ahead and Take Your First Step and Be Closer to Your Dream Scholarship Here.