November 17, 2017

Cardiff Sixth Form College is offering international scholarships, up to 50% off tuition fees, to qualified students who want to continue their A-Level education in the United Kingdom.

Cardiff Sixth Form College has again been ranked the top independent school in the UK for 2017. 91% of students achieved A*-A grades and 99% A*-B.

If you are considering pursuing your A Levels studies in the UK, come and meet with the Group Marketing and Admissions Director, Henrietta Lightwood and get more information on the schools and scholarships offered by Cardiff Sixth Form College.

Date: Tuesday, 21 November 2017
Venue: ET Education Services Sdn Bhd in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

To make an appointment to meet with Henrietta, please email us the following:-

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Email to [email protected] or call us at (03) 79324788.

Why Cardiff Sixth Form College

A culture of scholarship and a spirit of curiosity. Cardiff Sixth Form College employs teachers who are leading figures in their fields. Many have over 15 years’ experience and are trained in creating an inspirational and responsive learning environment. Students are encouraged to engage and ask questions throughout their studies.

Expert individual and small group tuition where required, as well as mentoring in core subjects. Individual and small group tuition ensures students benefit from receiving personal attention. One-to-one teaching helps students perform to their highest potential.

A unique teaching approach. Cardiff Sixth Form College offers eight hours of tuition for core A-Level subjects, a mentoring system and additional support where needed, in addition to a flexible subject-combination timetable to allow all interests to be pursued.

Specialist help with university applications. Cardiff Sixth Form College helps students in their application to Oxford, Cambridge or any other leading university; at every step of the process, including intensive interview coaching, tailored advice on personal statements and opportunities for work observation.

A wide range of enriching extra-curricular activities. Cardiff Sixth Form College offers a diverse range of after-school activities through which students can discover talents, develop individual character and gain skills in leadership and teamwork. The college encourage music, arts and sports and students also undergo a wellbeing programme aimed at helping them to manage their workload, cope with stress and foster their unique potential and self-worth.

Super-curricular activities and educational field trips. To complement students’ studies, Cardiff Sixth Form College arranges special activities and trips to prepare pupils for their university degrees and the wider world including programmes such as the Science Olympiads, the International Citizenship Experience (ICE) Programme to Malaysia and India, and the International Space Settlement Design Competition (ISSDC) at NASA.

A modern boarding environment with professional pastoral teams. Cardiff Sixth Form College provides more than just basic welfare. From the boarding facilities to the pledge to diversity, the college is purpose-built to encourage an accepting community; to encourage an environment where each and every person is treated with respect. The students develop into responsible young adults, ready to excel in university life and the working world.

A multi-cultural atmosphere. Cardiff Sixth Form College houses students from over 40 different nationalities and cultures. The college promote and foster an environment of tolerance and awareness of others’ beliefs and ways of living.

An assurance of excellence. For six consecutive years, Cardiff Sixth Form College has been ranked as the Top Private School in the UK, Top Private Co-Educational Boarding School and the Top Private Sixth Form College for A-Levels in the UK by The Education Advisers. In addition, the college has been ranked number one for A-Level results in league tables published by The Telegraph and The Times for four consecutive years.

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