December 3, 2015

On 21st November 2015, Scholarships2u.com in collaboration with EPSOM College in Malaysia conducted the scholarship testing at its state-of-art college at Bandar Enstek.

Families started arriving at 12.00 noon and after a briefing session; students began their tests at one of the College’s fully-equipped IT room.

It is clearly visible that these bright students were eager to do well in the scholarship test as they are keen for the opportunity to become a student of EPSOM.

Parents were brought on campus tours by Mr Eric Ng of EPSOM College and; while waiting for their children, they were given an extensive visit around the impressive campus facilities eg classroom, boarding house and to relax in the coffee lounge after the tour.

Certain institutions entail students to participate in a Scholarship test to be eligible to apply for their scholarships. These are qualifying tests designed to identify students with exceptional abilities, on top of additional criteria that the institution may require.

The level of difficulty for a Scholarship Test exceeds normal entrance, benchmark, or achievement tests that students are often subjected to in school. The tests are designed to be rigorous, demanding the ability for critical thinking on a higher level. They are timed tests to assess the performance level of each individual student.

At Scholarships2u.com we aim to educate the importance of winning a scholarship which is not just about financial aid. Instead, winning a scholarship will provide students the confidence of knowing that they are recognised for their academic achievement and ability. It is potentially a key that allow them to ‘stand out of the crowd’ It is a proof that an institution has recognised your achievement.