July 12, 2016

Scholarships play an important role in education and in helping students achieve their full potential in order to become the leaders of tomorrow. Providing financial support and help for students these days is the paramount importance, especially considering the current state of the economy.

With rising costs of living and good education becoming increasingly more expensive, scholarships provide a much-needed lifeline for a majority of students to achieve and realise their education goals and career aspirations. Its an ideology that Matthew Gan, Managing Director of ET Education Services Sdn Bhd has championed with the establishment of

The online gateway was established in July last year to provide students with easy access to scholarship, registration, application and assessment. Via, students can now find the right institution and scholarship faster than before with just a click of the button. Most importantly, the one-stop portal has also made merit-based scholarships available for all regardless of financial standing.

The scholarships that are available and listed on the portal are largely based on merit, which also opens the possibilities to students coming from the middle-income group. Anyone who has the smarts can apply, which is the ultimate goal of, to make sure everyone, as long as they’re good, have the opportunity for a good education.

Despite being relatively new, the site has thus far managed to amass over Rm10 million worth of scholarships for deserving students. Helping provide financial aid aside, the website has also collaborated with a number of local and international institutions to further expand its reach and ease the scholarship application process. The online platform also caters to scholarships from school level all the way to MBA programmes.

More initiatives like are needed in order to provide a good education for those who are in need of financial help. By providing sufficient scholarships assistance, students can now receive an equal opportunity to learn and acquire the necessary skills and knowledge for their future. This in turns will help groom future talents who have the education and know-how to help secure a viable and sustainable future for the nation.

(Extract from Focus Magazine – 2 June 2016
Article by Richard Augustin
Editor, Top Class)