Scholarship Benchmark Test (SBT)

Internationally developed and used by institutions around the world.

Why Scholarship Testing?

In some cases, standardized testing may be required by institutions awarding through Scholarships2u. If this is so, you will be notified by them once you make an application (the test is FREE for students). In other cases a skype interview may be arranged. We leave this to the discretion of the individual awarding institution. Institutions look at the overall applicant, including uploaded school reports and supporting documents in your profile.

The level of difficulty for a Scholarship Test exceeds normal entrance, benchmark, or achievement tests that students are often subjected to in school. The tests are designed to be rigorous, demanding the ability for critical thinking on a higher level. They are timed tests to assess the performance level of each individual student.


If you are asked to sit for the test, please ensure that you select the correct year level that you are applying for. (Example: If applying for entry into Year 9, then select Entry Into Year 9 SBT.)

A Year Level Guide is provided as HERE for your easy reference.

Test information

The Scholarship Benchmark Test (SBT) has an English and Maths paper according to year levels. Each paper is 1 hour in duration.

Terms and Conditions of Testing

1. Test will be marked and a score is assigned to your profile
2. Selection of candidates is at the discretion of the awarding institution
3. No disputes will be entertained, the institution reserves all rights to award their scholarships
4. Students can only sit for the test once, every 3 months