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Super KUAS-E / KUAS-E Scholarship (Undergraduate - Regular Entry)

Kyoto University of Advanced Science - Faculty of Engineering


For Undergraduate

Closing Date : 2022-01-14

Intakes : September

Academic Scholarships

17,456 USD - 101,820 USD

Full Scholarship

Super KUAS-E Scholarship includes the followings:

-Tuition exemption

-Admission fee exemption

-Stipend (1,200,000 JPY/year)

KUAS-E Scholarship includes

-Tuition reduction (100%, 50%, and 30%)

-Admission fee reduction (100%, 50%, and 30%)

The applicamts who meet the application criteria can apply. Please check the application eligibility from the link below:

The scholarships are competitive and are made available to students who demonstrate high academic performance. We will make decisions by looking at the document you submit on the application platform.

-Application Essay


-Recommendation letter

-Additional information documents

-Essay for scholarship

Electrical Engineering,Manufacturing Engineering,Materials Engineering,Mechanical Engineering,Software Engineering