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Adelaide International School

We offer an open enrolment policy where all students are accepted as individuals with individual learning needs. We tailor a learning program to the individual needs of each student. We are committed to holistic education where our learners find identity, meaning, and purpose in life through connections to the school and the wider community in Adelaide. We want our students to be principled, open-minded and caring people. We believe student wellbeing is a crucial factor to their success in completing a high school education, so we have an intensive wellbeing program for all of our students. We provide a meta-cognitive learning program where our students accept responsibility for their learning because they understand how they learn. Our students are critical and creative thinkers which is fundamental to success in the Australian education system. We are not a traditional school, as we committed experiential education where the city of Adelaide is our classroom. We prepare students to engage in their learning to become knowledgeable thinkers and inquirers, who are principled, open-minded and caring people. We are a pathways school through our Foundation Course which leads to SACE Stage One and Two.

We offer three streams: • Business Stream • Academic Stream • VET Stream. All streams offer students a variety of choice to develop a course that both interests them and serves their future academic aspirations. All streams offer our successful students the opportunity to attend most universities in Australia, as well as other tertiary institutions, including Adelaide Institute of Business and Technology.
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