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Law Jia Jie
Scholarships2u.com made it easy for me to search for scholarships and more importantly to qualify for it. It is truly a wonderful feeling to know that someone recognizes my achievements and have faith in my pursuit of excellence in everything that I do.
Law Jia Jie / Student
Julian Chong
First of all, I would like to thank you for assisting me to apply for the scholarship from CATS. When I heard the good news from my mother, my heart was jumping with joy and I was so excited. This is one of my greatest accomplishments and I believe it will aid me to pursue my dream of becoming an engineer without any worries. The scholarship from CATS will greatly ease the financial burdens on my parents.
Julian Chong / A-Level Scholar to CATS Canterbury
Rachel Lai
I am ecstatic and honored to have been awarded a scholarship that has helped me achieve my higher education goals. This platform made it possible for me.
Rachel Lai / Student
Mikael Darhim Hashim
Scholarships2u.com offered me a chance to go to Epsom, a school I had wanted to go to ever since it opened. Now, I get to make my dreams come true and have a great time as a scholar.
Mikael Darhim Hashim / A Year 7 Scholar to Epsom College

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Due to rising costs of inflation; parents are finding it hard to pay for their children’s education expenses and will opt to get student loans. Sadly; student loans must be repaid and fresh graduates salaries are not enough to meet their monthly living expenses after deductions of necessary expenses like car loans, petrol, tolls, food and utilities expenses. The perfect solution is to get a scholarship awards from school, colleges, universities or Government or NGOs organization. Scholarship awards by these institutions are usually not needed to be repaid.

Scholarships2u.com aims to provide instant information and application to scholarships internationally for all students so they can get their education with less financial burden.


Most conventional scholarship application procedures are very tedious as you need to apply to many institutions individually and also fulfill various requirements in order to qualify for it. You can get all this information and other basic and advance questions about scholarships at Scholarships2u.com where there is a list of International scholarships available with detailed information. You can easily know whether you are eligible for a specific scholarship program or not and; also how much scholarship money the university or the organization (including government) is awarding you if you are successful.

The aim of Scholarships2u.com is to help the most deserving students to get scholarships all around the world. We have scholarships from countries like UK scholarship, Australia scholarship, USA and Canada scholarship and many more. The basic criteria to meet scholarship eligibility are the Scholarship Benchmark Test (SBT), school transcripts, achievements, family background and etc. The criteria, however, differs from country to country, state to state and even college to college.


Advantages of Getting a Scholarship in Your Education

School is expensive especially nowadays. With all of the kids out there that are looking to get into a school, sometimes it can be hard to get the place you need even if you have the best marks out there. And, to make it even worse, even if you get in, sometimes it can be hard to keep yourself in your school because it costs too much, going back to the original point of this message. So, what are you going to do about it? Get a scholarship, of course. Free money! (well, sort of). So, here are some of the advantages of getting a scholarship for all of your education needs.

There’s lots of Scholarships

The truth of it is that there are many scholarships out there that go unclaimed every year simply because they are not applied for due to the fact that they take too long, they’re specific in their criteria, etc. The thing is, as we will discuss later, you should apply for everything you can get your hands on simply because you never know what you’re going to get, really. There are so many scholarships that are out there just waiting for you to grab hold of them. Make sure you look often and apply for everything you are eligible for.

You are just as qualified as everyone else

The thing you have to remember is that you are just as qualified as everyone else assuming you are eligible for the scholarship itself. You don’t need to feel as though someone else may need it more than you, you have to trust the committee to make that decision. So, apply for everything you see even if you are not sure you are a good candidate. You are just as qualified and important as everyone else around you, so behave like it and don’t hold back in your application process, whether you apply for 2 or 20 scholarships.

Every little bit helps

The sad part of this process is that every little big helps, whether it’s a scholarship (biasiswa) for $50 or $50,000. Before you know it, all of those little fees are going to add up and you’re going to be having several hundred dollars at your disposal, so don’t think that something is “beneath your worth”. It also goes with the above point of “apply for everything”, because some people may not apply for those little ones simply because they’re “not worth the time”, but as we’ve mentioned already, every single little scholarship helps you and really does matter in the big scheme of things. So, don’t discount anything you see just because it’s not a huge amount. You’ll get more of those than the big ones, really.

Some only take 2 minutes to apply for

There are some scholarships that are long and complex with essay requirements, etc, and then there are some that are just quick little surveys or online forms that take you a few minutes. The thing is that both of these kinds of scholarships (biasiswa) are important and can both help you out despite one taking 2 minutes and the other taking 2 weeks. You need to take both kinds seriously and apply for them both to increase your odds of getting something. It may be a hindrance to apply for those long winded ones, but rest assured that they will pay off (literally) if you do them with a positive mindset and dedication.

They don’t always have to be paid back

Some scholarships, such as bursaries, need to be paid back in so many years after graduation (similar to loans), but there are others – the bigger amounts – that don’t have to be paid back at all. This is simply because they are meant as one time gifts that will help out the future of tomorrow. The companies that offer these are getting recognition in return, so it works as well for them as it does for you. So, while you should apply for all of them, make sure you take note of which ones need to be paid back after you are awarded them, as this is important to learn as soon as possible.

They take the worry off you

One of the best advantages of getting a scholarship (biasiswa) for your education is that you can worry less about money so that you can look at spending more time with friends and in class and not trying to work 8 hours a day on top of your school work, etc. You have to remember that peace of mind is worth a lot, so make sure that you take that into consideration when you are looking into applying for a certain scholarship or not.

Gives you options

Something that needs to be emphasized more is the fact that having a scholarship, or multiple, means that you can have more choice in where you want to go to school. You may have access to schools that were out of your price range before with the help of scholarships, so you can take a look around and see what catches your eye. The thing to remember is that you can’t count of those when looking at schools, but you can think about it after you’ve been granted the money in the first place.

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Scholarships can give you a lot of freedom in many ways and they are great things to consider when you are looking into planning for your future. They are often not talked about enough at younger ages, and they can really help people go to school that normally couldn’t afford to, so it’s great to see that there is so much worth to them beyond the monetary value. While they may not be accessible for everyone, if they are, you definitely need to consider applying for them and seeing just how many doors of oppourtunity they can open up for you, your school, and your family that is cheering you on.