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Winsor Education

Welcome to Winsor Education, where theory meets practice! We aim to provide the best English language courses, Foundation programmes and Management courses to our learners. Our staff has travelled and worked in different parts of the world, meaning that they are educated in diverse cultures can ensure that your experience with us is both enlightening and memorable. Winsor is committed to academic excellence and providing all the support you need in your studies; this is achieved via an environment that is both friendly and dynamic. We have evolved an approach that empowers learners with broad-based knowledge and professionalism towards work which allows them to contribute towards the development of society, the ability to work professionally and contribute their energies towards the development of society. We understand how important choosing the right place is for you or a loved one, and we believe that it is crucial that learners are 100% happy with their place of study. Which is why we want you to come to our open day so you can get a glimpse of the Winsor learning environment. So why not come take a look at our newly refurbished building and decide for yourself.
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