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AISM 20th Anniversary Bursary

Australian International School Malaysia


For Schools

Closing Date : 2020-07-31

Intakes : January July October

Academic Scholarships Unusual Scholarships

5,111 USD - 18,924 USD

20% Partial Scholarship

Limited to 20 pax

The Australian International School Malaysia (AISM) In conjunction with it's 20th Anniversary, is offering 20 bursaries to new enrolments for Year 5 to Year 9.

The bursary covers the following:

  • 100% Application Fee waiver
  • 20% Admissions Fee waiver
  • 20% Tuition Fee waiver

Students are expected to maintain good academic grades and be an exemplary ambassador for the School. Failure to maintain good academic results and exemplary behaviour may result in the termination of the bursary.

The Bursary offer is limited to 20 students across all the following intakes:

  • Term 3/2020
  • Term 4/2020
  • Term 1/2021

The Bursary is only open to students enrolling into Year 5 to Year 9. The Bursary will end when a student completes Year 10 and full fees will be invoiced thereafter.

All applications received before the end of the closing date will be considered for bursary.

Bursaries will be awarded on a first come, first served basis until available funds have been exhausted. 

Bursaries will be awarded based on merit, at the sole discretion of the school. 

Any or all bursaries value published is an indicative amount of the award and does not indicate the actual value.

To qualify for the highest level of scholarship/bursary, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. All applicants must register as students via 
  2. All applicants must make an application via the portal in order to qualify for the scholarship. 
  3. All applicants must sit for the Scholarship Benchmark Test online.
  4. Applicants must submit an official copy of their recent exam results upon request. (If your documents are in a language other than English, you must provide certified translations).
  5. Open to applicants aged 10 and above.
  6. Other supporting documents e.g. awards etc.
  7. A photocopy of valid passport photography page
  8. All other fees to be borne by the student (deposit, camp fees, technology fees, uniform, transportation fees and any other miscellaneous fees)
  9. Terms and conditions may apply.


  • In a rating scale of "A" to "E", where "A" is the highest-grade rating, good academic results are typically a majority of "A" grades for subjects studied with other subject grades at no less than a "C" grade.
  • "An exemplary ambassador" is a person who abides by School rules at all times.
  • "Scholarship Value" indicated in this platform is subject to the school's fee changes

*Terms and conditions apply