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Honors Academic Scholarship-Must join Tennessee Tech's Honors College

Tennessee Tech University

United States

For Undergraduate

Intakes : January August

Academic Scholarships

8,000 USD - 16,000 USD

70% Partial Scholarship

The H.A.S is not supervised by the International Education Office and is processed and awarded by TTU’s Honor’s College.


Steps to Join Honors:

  1. Student applies to Honors.
  2. Student (if accepted to Honors) applies for HAS.
  3. Student (if awarded the HAS) receives notification and proceeds with agreement paperwork via Lindsey.

To start the process you must apply on the website.


The student must agree to join and participate in all Honors activities to receive this substantial award.

 The Honors Program application is here

Scholarships is hosting the Honors Academic Scholarship on ScholarWeb for 2020-21

The HAS application will be a separate application from the centralized Tech Scholarship and is visible only to students once they have been accepted into the Honors Program. However, any students considering applying for an HAS can prepare by reading the website and the essay questions


Must apply to join the Honor’s Collge and apply for the HAS Scholarship

General requirements to Join and apply are:

  • 1 letter of recommendation
  • 3.5 GPA out of a 4.0 or 89% out of 100
  • SAT composite of 1250 in Critical Reading and Math  
  • Or ACT composite of 26.


If a student has below a 1250 , the applicant will be denied, a 3.49 will also be denied. Students with no SAT or ACT will not be considered.

  1. All scholarship applicants must sign up as student in
  2. Applicant shall submit certified academic reports or transcript when requested.
  3. Must include recommendation letters.
  4. Scholarship covers tuition fees only. Terms and conditions may apply.

Student must be admitted to Tennessee Tech's Honors College first before they can apply for the Scholarship