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Qufu Normal University Belt and Road Scholarship

China University Alliance


For Undergraduate

Intakes : January March April May June July August September October November December February

Academic Scholarships

10,000 USD - 25,000 USD

Full Scholarship

The Belt and Road Scholarship is designed exclusively for students from the Belt and Road Partner Countries to study in China on scholarships in the spirit of expanding cultural diversity and promoting the internationalization of education. Under the People's Republic of China's Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road Initiative, the Belt and Road Scholarship came into being on March 28th, 2015, offering more than 10,000 shcoarship quotas on a yearly basis.

1. GPA 2.5+

2. Undergraduate Transcript (Original & English Version)

3. Undergraduate Diploma (Original & English Version)

4. Passport

5. 2-inch colored photo

6. Bank Statement (Original & English Version)

7. Medical Examination Report

8. Certificate of Non-Criminal Record (Original & English Version)

9. 2 Recommendation Letters (From Professor & in English)

Why Choose Qufu Normal University?

1.The hometown of Confucious, one of the greatest educators, thinkers and philosophers in history, the perfect place to learn Chinese language, culture and history

2.Where the Confucious Mansion is located, which is one of the biggest palaces in the world and an UNESCO World Heritage Cultural Site, where ancient Chinese culture oozes at every corner

3.Cost-efficient high quality education, a chance to study with many international students from all over the world


International education of Chinese language

University Profile

Qufu Normal University, originally named Shandong Normal Specialized Postsecondary College and then named Qufu Teacher's College, was establish in 1955 in Jinan. The university was once listed in the six universities specially funded by the Shandong provincial government in 1981, and it was one of the first universities approved by the State Council to enroll graduate students. In 1982, it began to confer master's degrees, and in 2003 doctor's degrees. In 2004, QFNU was rated first-class in the evaluation of undergraduate education by the Ministry of Education, and it was listed in 2012 in the Renowned Application-Oriented Universities in Shandong. Another thing worthy of notice is that in 2014 QFNU joined in the program of HP International Software Talents and Technology Center.

Qufu Normal University has 7 post-doctoral programs and 31 doctoral programs, with 115 programs offering master's degrees and 12 programs offering professional ones. More important, the university has become full-fledged with its 82 undergraduate programs. With 29 schools and 28 institutes, the university has grown into a great platform for learning, teaching and academic research.