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Scholarship for the 4 Year Doctor of Medicine Programme

St George’s University


For Undergraduate

Intakes : All Year

Academic Scholarships

Up to 400,000 USD

Full Scholarship

Study Medicine at St George’s University-Medical University: Scholarship Awards to qualified applicant for the 4 Year Doctor of Medicine (MD) program will be approximately USD40,000 up to USD80,000 off tuition fees per student. St.George’s University - The faculty of the School of Medicine seek students for its MD program who exhibit strong academic potential, who are compassionate, competent, flexible, motivated, perceptive and empathetic with strong communication skills. They must be aware of the realities of medical health care delivery in the 21st century and be familiar with the ethical questions they will face on a daily basis. Malaysian students with completed Bachelor’s Degree - Science Based can apply for direct entry into the Four Year MD (Doctor of Medicine) Program. The School of Medicine begins classes in mid-August and mid-January of each year. FOUR YEAR MD (DOCTOR OF MEDICINE) PROGRAM. The first two years of the 4 year MD program concentrate on the traditional basic science disciplines. Laboratory experience is an integral part of these first two years, along with small group discussions designed for problem-based learning and early integration of the clinical medicine into basic sciences. During the last two years, which cover clinical sciences, students move on train at the University’s clinical centers and affiliated hospitals in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and/or Grenada. The St. George’s University approach to clinical education provides students with the opportunity to learn medicine in some of the best and best-known hospitals in the world. Located in the United States and the United Kingdom, some of these hospitals have been designated by the University as Clinical Centers. A clinical center is a hospital or group of hospitals able to provide at least four of the five core rotations and offer sub-internships, primary care, and elective rotations. The clinical centers allow students to complete all of their clinical training at one site if they wish. SGU’s idyllic campus hosts students and faculty from more than 140 countries. Its $250 million plus, technologically-advanced campus is situated on the beautiful, safe island of Grenada. Over 65 state-of-the-art buildings create the perfect environment in which to learn, investigate, play, and make lifelong networks of colleagues and friends from around the world. A rich, cultural diversity enhanced by student- and University-led activities. Malaysian students can enter the school’s 5-year program with A-Levels and equivalent qualifications. The 5-year program will start with one year of Pre-Medical Science Program and followed by the 4 years MD (Doctor of Medicine) Program. All qualified application received before the end of the closing date will be considered for scholarships. Scholarships will be awarded on a first come, first served basis until available scholarship funds have been exhausted. Scholarships will be awarded based on merit at the sole discretion of the School.

  1. All scholarship applicants must sign up as student in
  2. Pre-Medical Science with A Levels/Australian Matriculation/Foundation in Science/IBD/Diploma in Science qualifications.
  3. 1st Year MD (Doctor of Medicine) with completed Bachelor’s Degree - Science Based.
  4. Scholarship covers tuition fees only. Terms and conditions may apply.

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