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The Artisans Haven Scholarship with Enfiniti Academy

The Artisans Haven


For Short Courses

Intakes : January March

Creative Scholarships Community Service Scholarships

200 USD - 1,000 USD

Full Scholarship

Limited to 5 pax

The scholarship is for candidate who have interest to short course offered by Enfiniti Academy, includes performing art, acting class, singing class and more.

Enfiniti Academy also have course designed specially for youth which selected young talent will be sponsored by The Artisans Haven Scholarship.

Applicant Criteria:

1) No Limitation on Age (minimum age is 17 years & 1 SPM credit)

2) Submit Applications at Scholarships2U

3) Posting of at least 1 OR all 3 auditions videos at Instagram for the selection process, with themes below:

(Email your videos to us as a back-up.)

How to Participate?

1) Actor - Record a 60 second video of acting out the monologue below:

" Why am I smiling? For the first time in ages I feel a little clarity. I'm sad. I've been really sad and I don't know if that's ever going to go away completely. I'm sorry I've not been able to tell you what I've needed. I don't know what I needed.

Yes I do.

I needed you to be patient with me. To wait as long as it took. I needed you to be braver than me and to put your own feelings second and to understand, even when you didn't understand. To use your initiative for once and not need instructions. To try to imagine what it's like to suffer this loss. To realise that there are certain feelings I'm trying to cope with and protecting you from and I'm working hard.

Most of all I needed you to not kiss someone else."

2) Singer - Record a 60 second video of singing the song "Maybe" from the musical Annie, lyrics as below:

Maybe far away

Or maybe real nearby

He may be pouring her coffee

She may be straightening his tie

Maybe in a house

All hidden by a hill

She's sitting playing piano

He's sitting paying a bill

Betcha they're young

Betcha they're smart

Bet they collect things

Like ashtrays and art

Betcha they're good

(Why Shouldn't they be?)

Their one mistake

Was giving up me

So maybe now it's time

And maybe when I wake

They'll be there calling me "baby"


3) Dancer - Record a maximum 30 sec video of yourself dancing to your own choreography.

Post your audition videos on your Instagram account and tag us @enfinitiacademy @TheArtisansHaven

Add the following hashtags on all video postings so we can find your submission:




Deadline for your submission of applications at Scholarships2U and video posting latest by 15th June 2021.

Visit here for more courses information offered by Enfiniti Academy.

Art and Design,Performing Arts