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Ashbourne College


Ashbourne College specializes in pre-university education at A-level and GCSE (Year 11 only). Following the university ethos, the college combines informality and an adult approach to education, at both A-level and GCSE, with a disciplined system in which each student’s work is carefully monitored. Ashbourne aims to establish strong academic foundations, achieve outstanding examination results and engender a mature and independent attitude vital for taking advantage of life’s opportunities. Ashbourne was founded in 1981 and is superbly located in the heart of Kensington, London. The college is co-educational and considers its primary strengths to be its small size, coupled with its friendly and caring approach. No student is allowed to become lost in the crowd. All courses, whether at A-level or GCSE, are organized around a tutorial system in teaching groups of up to ten students. This enables tutors to engage directly with each individual.

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Scholarships for A Level Programme

Ashbourne College

United Kingdom

For A Level, Foundation or Pre-U

Intakes : January September

Academic Scholarships

18,000 USD - 275,000 USD

75% Partial Scholarship