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LaSalle College, was founded by Mr. Jean-Paul Morin in 1959 in the LaSalle borough of Montreal. Mr. Morin's mission was to create job opportunities for the Quebec population by providing education that was in line with job market demands. In response to the growing demand for administrative labour, the College offered its first program in secretarial training.

The College soon directed its energy to develop fashion training. In 1976, LaSalle College became eligible to receive government subsidies. By 1981, the Qu├ębec Ministry of Education officially recognized the College as an educational establishment. From the 1990's to present day, LaSalle College has experienced a steady expansion of their educational network to countries around the world. With the establishment of satellite services, LaSalle College is able to cater specifically to the needs of its growing student body.

Why LaSalle College?

LaSalle College offers more than just a qualification. It provides students with comprehensive learning experiences in a warm, inclusive and dynamic environment. It pushes students to develop their skills in entrepreneurship and encourages them to innovate by fully assuming their place in society, as a global citizen.

Global Citizen 

  • Sensitivity to cultural, social and economic diversity in the modern world
  • Expression of concerns for sustainable development, respect for the environment, ethics and healthy living
  • Strong spoken and written communication skills in both French and English
  • Development of the skills needed for team work, such as self-respect, respect for others, team spirit, open-mindedness and the ability to adapt to any given situation
  • Openness to professional development opportunities, both local and international
  • Interest in mobility and the possibilities that it could offer


  • Knowledge of trends and cutting-edge technologies used in the industry
  • Open-minded learning that enables technological agility
  • Demonstration of creativity and a reflective approach to it
  • Intellectual curiosity and open-mindedness towards continuing education
  • Ability to be self-taught


  • Management skills for entrepreneurs
  • Development of business opportunities in the industry
  • Working methods that enable professional development
  • Ability to create networks of industry contacts
  • Skills to develop a business plan
  • Demonstration of a mobilizing leadership, of self-reliance, discipline, professionalism and assertiveness
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