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OnCampus Illinois Institution of Technology

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Since 1952, Cambridge Education Group has been delivering the highest quality academic, creative and English Language programs, preparing thousands of students to progress onto the world’s leading universities. Whatever students aspire to, whichever college, school or center they choose, Cambridge Education Group promises excellent teaching, premium facilities and the personal service our students demand. ONCAMPUS is a partnership between many of the world's leading universities and Cambridge Education Group. ONCAMPUS teach pre-university programmes leading to a wide range of undergraduate and Master's degrees at leading universities across the UK, USA and mainland Europe. Many pathways offer guaranteed degree progression. Our programmes are designed for international students who do not meet the requirements for direct entry to university study, and benefit from the support we offer in preparing them to progress to their chosen university. 

Why OnCampus US Illinois Institute Of Technology?

  • Location: 

Illinois Institute of Technology (Illinois Tech) is a private research university in Chicago, Illinois. It is a vibrant urban environment offering a diverse range of intellectual and enriching adventures along the shores of Lake Michigan. Chicago is a great place to study, conduct research, and explore a wide range of intellectual and professional pursuits. From medicine to financial markets and from high-tech start-ups to non-profits, Chicago provides countless pathways in life. The city’s growing tech field feeds growth in multiple sectors including science, management, energy, and marketing and creative industries.

  • One of the world's leading universities:

Illinois Tech is a private research university in Chicago, Illinois. Illinois Tech offers both Undergraduate and Graduate degree programs with over 40 majors specializing in engineering, science, psychology, architecture, business, and technology. Ranked 5th in the U.S. for a Master's in Finance Degree and ranked in the top 120 nationally, Illinois Tech has one of the world's leading design schools with a strong focus on STEM fields. 

  • Seamless study to work transition:

There has never been a better time to study, live and work in Chicago, home to dozens of accelerators, incubators and co-working spaces. Illinois Tech educates students to become part of the wave of innovation that is driving Chicago forward, gaining global recognition as an international hub for talent and infrastructure. Students are matched to internships at Microsoft, US Bank, Kellogg’s, Google and IBM. The university runs amazing job fairs attended by top organizations.

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OnCampus Illinois Institution of Technology International Scholarships

OnCampus Illinois Institution of Technology

United States

For A Level, Foundation or Pre-U

Intakes : January August

Academic Scholarships

20,000 USD - 80,000 USD

40% Partial Scholarship

Limited to 3 pax