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What is the purpose of education?

So how do we prepare your children for their future using an education system that was created in the past? To us, the answer lies in equipping them with not just the academics, but the application of soft skills that will take them much further: Adaptability, Collaboration, Empathy, Critical Thinking, Creativity, to name a few. It sounds simple, but ask yourself how many graduates you've encountered that just aren't prepared for what's expected of them.

And the reality is that very soon, having only the logical left-brained skills will not be enough. They have robots for that.

"We cannot teach our children to compete with the machines. We have to teach our children something unique like soft skills that knowledge cannot teach us so that the machines can never catch up with us." – Jack Ma, CEO of Alibaba

Even now, conglomerates like Google and Tesla are already prioritising 21st Century soft skills over A's on paper and these are companies that shape the world around us. What does that say then about jobs that will exist 10 years from now?

Reverse-engineering the future and applying it in our classrooms!

The ACE EdVenture Approach used at Sri Emas has been pushing the boundaries of education for the past 22 years, impacted the lives of 15,000 students to date, and is still going strong. Conceived and developed by our founders, Anne and Melinda, it stemmed from a simple observation: 12 years in the conventional education system, yet students were unprepared for university and the workplace [it's still happening].

So we did something about it.

Creativity and Innovation are the names of our game, and we continuously innovate our methodology so that our students are always getting the best education possible.

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