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Waikato Pathway College


Study Group works to grow and diversify the international student cohort working with two of New Zealand’s top universities.

Pathway courses in New Zealand

Study Group NZ Limited delivers the University of Auckland’s Foundation Studies Certificate programme at Taylors College and the University of Waikato’s courses at the Waikato Pathways College.

The Foundation Studies Certificate programme, owned by the University of Auckland and delivered by Taylors College in Auckland, is a comprehensive university preparation programme tailored to international students.

The courses at Waikato Pathways College are delivered by Study Group NZ Limited on behalf of the University of Waikato, and located on the main University campus in Hamilton.

These two campuses have unrivalled experience in developing students’ study skills for university and improving their English language skills.

Academic, English, cultural and pastoral support are essential components to the student experience at both campuses, helping students prepare for and progress to university study.

Partnering with leading universities

Study Group’s global reach enables us to promote New Zealand as a world-class education destination and to recruit a diverse range of high calibre students to our partner universities.

These include two top universities in New Zealand: The University of Auckland and The University of Waikato.

The Foundation Studies programme will be delivered by Study Group NZ Limited trading as Taylors College on behalf of the University of Auckland.

Courses at Waikato Pathways College are delivered by Study Group NZ Limited on behalf of the University of Waikato.

93% of Auckland Foundation Year (AFY) students at Taylors College Auckland received an offer from a partner university in 2017

Our partners and proprietary brands in New Zealand

  • Taylors College Auckland
  • Waikato Pathway College

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Waikato Pathway Scholarship

Waikato Pathway College

New Zealand

For Diploma

Intakes : January October

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