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Personal Development Programme

Take the first step towards a better version of yourself with PDP – our evidence-based programmes designed to bring about great change.

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Achieve Breakthroughs And Thrive

Scholarships2u Academy offers a range of evidenced based programmes throughout the year to help you become the best version of yourself.

Face to face with our qualified professionals in our weekly webinar to develop your natural strengths, skills and abilities.

Our Personal Development Programme (PDP) works best if you are a student between the age of 13 to 19. After joining this programme, you will be able to:

  • Identify what your natural strengths are & your preferred learning styles
  • Learn how to utilise your natural abilities & boost them for peak performance
  • Increase your confidence, make friends easily & boost your leadership capabilities
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Our Programmes Cover

Unsure of your natural talents or traits? Learn to discover abilities within yourself and learn to use those traits to maximize your learning and development.

Learn the various techniques and methodologies for thinking effectively. Learn to apply these tools in order for success in your studies and life.

Learn what it takes to be a leader and how to achieve it via concepts and experiential learning.

Learn to model excellence, strategies and aligning yourself for maximum achievement using established learning methodology

Learn the processes involved in communication and how to become more effective. Techniques covered including reframing, questioning and enriched communication.

Cover areas in goal setting, problem solving, stress and time management.

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  • Support your personal growth anywhere with any devices

  • Develop personal skills and talents with our evidence based activities

  • Immerse yourself in an engaging online webinar by our qualified professionals

  • New exercises and activities are added weekly

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