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In order to start your scholarship search, you need to create an account at

There could be several reasons why you were unable to apply for a scholarship.
  1. You have not met the requirements to apply for the scholarship. Some scholarships require you to sit for our Scholarship Benchmark Test.
  2. You may have already applied to another scholarship by the same institution.

Please allow institutions time to process your application. The scholarship application needs careful reviewing and consideration before moving you on to the next stage.

There could be several reasons this may occur.
  1. You do not have enough credits to take the Scholarship Benchmark Test.
  2. You have previously taken the Scholarship Benchmark Test. You can only retake each test after 30 days.

As stated in the page before you take the test, there could be several reasons this may occur.
  1. You have exited the browser window when the test is taking place.
  2. You have hit the back button while taking the test.
  3. You clicked on the "Complete Test" button.
  4. You have exceeded the test's time limit.
Meeting any of these conditions will automatically complete your test as a cheat prevention measure.

You can change your account email address or set a new password in your User Settings which is accessible by clicking on the user icon located on the far right of the top navigation menu. You can also access your User Settings by clicking on your name located below your profile photo in the left bar navigation menu on your dashboard page.