Scholarship Benchmark Test

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Scholarship Benchmark Test

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Practice Makes Permanent

With talent comes great responsibilities. Preparing to excel in your next test is no fluke or lucky chances.

Knowledge-intensive discipline is cultivated over time as you exercise your brain power for that great advantage and posturing as you problem solve.

Our high-stakes SBT not only sharpens your proficiency in English and Mathematics but can also be useful as you stand out from other applicants when qualifying for scholarships on our matching portal.

US$30 for the bundle (English & Maths)

US$20 per subject

The English test is similar to SAT and UKiset which looks at how one looks at language critically and their academic potential.

Maths Test require learners to apply their understanding into solving problems beyond the context of today.

Created and tested by experienced teachers, test takers get a fixed ratio of questions from various difficulty levels that are randomised from our pool of questions to ensure the fairness and integrity of the tests.

Our SBT evens out the playing field with standardised questions across the globe.

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