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Students tell us that from the moment they walk through the gates for interview, they realise they have found the place where they are meant to be. Although Fine Arts College attracts many types of student, they all wish to study in an energizing, open atmosphere, where they make firm friendships which last throughout their lives.

At Hampsteadd Fine Arts College we have a distinctive educational philosophy that informs our approach to teaching and our cultivation of a welcoming, collaborative College. We believe this environment fosters the talents and ambitions of our students, preparing them well for higher education.

They are taught by outstanding tutors, many of whom are pursuing their own creative and academic interests, which feed back into the education of the students. We thus emphasise that education is for life as well as to pass examinations.

Fine Arts was established in 1978 as a College giving equal importance to the creative as well as academic arts subjects. We believe that excellence can be achieved in all areas through encouragement, a focus on a student’s talents and aspirations, and above all the education of the whole person. Our achievements in the visual arts, music and drama are as exceptional as those of our academic subjects.

Fine Arts College offers exceptional teaching in very small groups for a wide range of A Level and GCSE courses. Our Portfolio course also allows students to structure their own personalised syllabus, giving them a unique freedom in their studies. We are a unique place for young people to learn and develop. We are a closely knit community where every individual is respected and encouraged to grow.

We offer a bespoke range of courses which allow students the freedom to learn in the style they want.This ensures an outstanding examination pass rate and successful entry into higher education at a variety of British, American and European universities.

We closely monitor each student’s progress but we also encourage self-discipline and self-motivation: the informal nature of relationships between staff and students strengthens high expectations and a rigorous approach to work.

Our lessons challenge the students to engage in discussion and debate so that, far from being simply ‘taught’, students become inquiring critical thinkers and independent learners. We want to inspire a passion for learning that will last a lifetime and continue to enrich beyond formal exams.

The school is located in a charming part of Belsize Park, London in the United Kingdom; with the main site situated in a secluded courtyard, originally a Victorian dairy, away from the bustle of the street.

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Fine Arts College Scholarship

Fine Arts College

United Kingdom

For A Level, Foundation or Pre-U

Intakes : January April August

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