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Study Group is a global education provider partners with various universities from all round the world in providing pathways programme that specially designed, university-recognised courses that help you to gain the academic, English language and learning standards you need to succeed, giving you the best possible start to your UK or European education.

Cardiff is the perfect new home for an international student. A proudly multicultural city with a long history of immigration, it is home to people from all over the world.

It is a relatively small city, with most places within walking distance from the University, and this adds to its friendly community atmosphere. It is also an affordable place to live, with rent prices 40% lower than in London. You will find so much to explore in this dynamic British city.

Although part of the UK, Wales has its own government and its own distinctive character.

Welsh people are known for their friendliness and for their pride in Wales’s rich history.

As well as being a land of legend (hence the red dragon on the national flag), it is also known as the land of song, with a strong classical tradition having transformed into a thriving modern music scene.

Last but not least, our pathway programmes at the International Study Centre will help you settle into life at a UK university.

Expert teaching staff will support you to build confidence in your English language skills and learn vital study skills for when you progress to Cardiff University.

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ISC Cardiff Academic Excellence International Scholarships

ISC Cardiff University

United Kingdom

For A Level, Foundation or Pre-U

Intakes : January September

Academic Scholarships

1,337 USD - 5,349 USD

30% Partial Scholarship