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Frequently Asked Questions

As a security measure, all institution profiles will need to be approved by our team. To ensure quality content and best experiences, all new institution accounts are moderated and profiles scrutinized before approval. You can proceed with creating your scholarships while your account is pending approval.

You can proceed to the applications page to view them. All scholarship applications can be managed in your Applications module and all forms of communication with the student is done through your Message module.

You must upload the scholarship offer letter before changing the application status to "Awarded".

In order to start a conversation with a student via the Message module, you need to first initiate the conversation by clicking on the "Message" button. The student will have to approve of the request before any messages can be sent.

If an applicant initiates the conversation by applying to your scholarship, you can proceed with sending the applicant messages via the Message module as usual.

Our Scholarship Benchmark Test (SBT) is an independently created test for students to prove their skills. For more information, click here.